Learning Multi-Pitch / マルチピッチ教えてもらいました。


I did my first multi-pitch climb at Metcalfe Rock in Southern Ontario this weekend. I’m still figuring out all sorts of knots and ways of setting up anchors and belaying at a second stop and above.

Although what I did was a very simple two-pitch sport route with a 5.7 start and a 5.5 finish, it felt a lot like “climbing” comparing to other single-pitch sport climbing I had been doing. There’s something about setting up your own safety systems and having the knowledge and skills to make decisions in such an exposed environment.

We had a very experienced climber who was nice enough to teach me the very basics of multi. I really appreciate the mentorship that is so essential in climbing. It’s beyond generosity and patience to teach a beginner climber like me who would be solely responsible for safety when something happens. I want to keep the right attitude to make teaching days like this as positive as possible.

I often tell myself this motto by a Japanese copywriter, Shigesato Itoi, “kind, strong, and fun” (literal translation), and it clicked again this weekend.

今週末、初のマルチピッチを体験してきました。場所はオンタリオ州の南に位置するMetcalfe Rock。まだまだ教えてもらったいろんなノット(ロープの結び目)やらセカンドストップからのビレー方法やらアンカーの作り方やら、わかってるんだかわかってないんだかわからないことが沢山ですが、とても楽しかったです。



糸井重里さんの「やさしく つよく おもしろく」という言葉を良く念じていますが、ここでもまたハマった気がします。